Planned Giving

The Heritage Society

Bequest and planned gifts allow passionate National Philharmonic patrons and supporters to leave a lasting legacy that will ensure its future for years to come. The National Philharmonic is tremendously grateful to those dedicated individuals who strive to perpetuate our mission when they make their estate plans. If you notify the National Philharmonic of a planned gift provision, including gifts through estate plans, gift annuity, or life-income arrangements, we welcome you into The Heritage Society.

If you have already remembered the Philharmonic in your estate plans, or would like more information about ways to include our organization in your plans, please contact Katie Tukey at or 301-493-9283, ext. 111.

Anne Claysmith and her Legacy of Music

Just as in her day job Anne helps scientists find the resources they need for their life-saving work, she knows that the National Philharmonic also needs resources, beyond ticket revenues, for its life-enhancing work, and has decided to help. She consulted with her financial adviser and created her plan. She purchased a life insurance policy as a gift to the National Philharmonic. She pays the tax-deductible premiums, and the National Philharmonic owns the policy, which not only provides for the organization’s future but also creates an asset for the here-and-now.

“This is a simple, straightforward way to help an organization that I care deeply about,” she says, “and the value of the gift is far more than either the cost of the premiums I pay or of any cash gift I could afford to give. I think of it as my legacy to the National Philharmonic, a way that I can repay the richness that music and the National Philharmonic have brought to my life. It’s something that anyone who loves music should consider.” By combining her scientist’s problem-solving skills with her love of music and the National Philharmonic, Anne has performed a bit of alchemy, transforming lifeinsurance into music insurance.