Support National Philharmonic

We promise to continue delivering high quality programming and new music education programs in underserved areas of our region, while creating new partnerships that will increase our service to the greater Washington area.

Our supporters and lovers of classical music can look forward to seeing 15 live-streamed performances, twice a month, starting in October. Not only will the quality of music be up to the high standards you’ve come to expect from our performances, they will be filmed using a state-of-the-art TV camera format so rich in sound and picture, that you will almost feel like you are there. Whether you wear pearls or pajamas is up to you. The 2020-21 National Philharmonic Season will present:

  • 8 chamber orchestra concerts with varied repertoire live-streamed from The Music Center at Strathmore.
  • 7 chamber concerts, with an emphasis on women composers and composers of color, curated by new concertmaster Laura Colgate.
  • Each concert will be hosted by Cover Conductor Rebecca Smithorn, with supporting appearances by Piotr Gajewski and Stan Engebretson.

We know you understand the challenges this pandemic has created for the artistic community. It’s been difficult for so many people, and we are thrilled to have found a way to bring you the music you love.

You can aid us in presenting this season and in producing these performances, which celebrate the beauty and power of music in the world, in a concrete and accessible way.