A multimedia production!


In collaboration with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Sponsored by Lockheed Martin

Sat Jan 27, 2018, 8pm
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 3pm

Journey through a stunning multimedia presentation featuring original NASA footage of our solar system, explore exhibits about the latest NASA discoveries and missions, and engage in conversation with Goddard scientists and engineers about their cutting-edge work.

National Philharmonic Chorale
Piotr Gajewski, conductor

Debussy – La Mer
Host – The Planets

Cosmic imagery is used to great effect in one of the greatest masterpieces of the orchestral repertoire. Gustav Holst’s The Planets creates a powerful musical astrological chart as it takes the audience on a space voyage teeming with intriguing sonorities. The broad canvas of The Planets is juxtaposed with Debussy’s symphonic poem La Mer, undoubtedly the greatest depiction of the power and shifting moods of the mighty ocean. From Holst’s interspatial fantasy to a musical celebration of the beautiful and terrifying power of the sea, this concert features two of the most enduring works of the 20th century.

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NASA Scientists Q&A

Jan. 27, 7:15-7:45 pm;
Jan. 28, 2:15-2:45pm;

Comcast Lounge

Now is your chance to ask NASA scientists about the agency’s most recent missions and cutting-edge work.
NASA Chat for Young People: Meet NASA scientists, who can answer all your questions about our solar system!
Pop-Up Gift Shop: NASA-themed gifts for all ages available for purchase.
Strathmore Lobby: Enjoy NASA-themed displays and even meet a real astronaut!
Color the Music Exhibit: View artwork created by young people related to Holst’s Planets and Debussy’s La Mer on display in the Strathmore Orchestra Lobby during the concert weekend.
Pre-concert lectures: Jan. 27, 6:45 pm; Jan. 28, 1:45 pm in collaboration with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
Weekend sponsors: Ms. Jane Liu and Mr. Edward Brinker
Ameriprise Financial
Sunday sponsor: Ingleside at King Farm

For Young People.

Participate in the Color the Music Project:
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Kids age 7-17 are free. Kids Free tickets can be purchased online, by mail, phone (301-637-2608) or in person at the Strathmore Ticket Office.