Letters & Fan Mail

Dear Mr. Gajewski,

Thank you for a wonderful performance today at Strathmore. My students and I were enthralled by the beautiful playing, but this was much more than a concert. It was a glittering learning experience that my second graders will not soon forget. I find myself to be a critic of many “cultural arts” performances for children. They are often too long, too short, too dull, or too babyish. The NP, along with the special guests, got it right today. The content and the pace of the show were perfect for young listeners. Hearing the kids sing so beautifully to Villa-Lobos and watching them applaud the performers with heartfelt admiration truly touched me…With your own enthusiasm you held the attention of hundreds of seven year-olds, who now have a greater appreciation of how fun music can be.
Ross Mills, Grade Two Team Leader
Bannockburn Elementary School

Judy Barth

Our Clearspring students enjoyed the well-presented and diverse program. It was great to use a student performer! Kudos to all involved!!!

Wonderful/lively selections, very educational, and a good length! Thanks to all that organized it.
Andrew D. Posner, Choral Director
College Gardens ES

Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful event for our 2nd graders. The concert was just the right length and was able to involve the kids at their level.
Thanks, also, for the advance teaching materials that were provided and for the gifts for the kids. Hopefully they will carry home to their families the desire to come to another concert and that we will see that wonderful hall filled again with young faces.
I vote for a repeat performance next year!
Evie Smith, Music Teacher
Fox Chapel Elementary School

Wonderful experience for all.
Ronald Isaacson, Carderock

Our students really enjoyed the concert today. The selections were appropriate, not too long and just enough variety to whet the appetite for future instrumental musicians. It is my hope that this Concert will become an integral part of the 2nd Grade Music Curriculum. Thank you to all who made this event possible for our students!
Jan Jones, El Music Teacher
Bel Pre ES

My kids had a great time – it really was a good performance.
Leslie Barr, Ashburton ES

The Travilah teachers and students want to say a great big “Thank You” to all who helped organize this wonderful experience. The concert was great and our students enjoyed it very much.

Hannelore Meszaros