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A collaboration of art and music for ages 5-17

Artists, writers, and musicians have inspired each other throughout history and this inspiration continues in the twenty-first century. The National Philharmonic, in residence at the Music Center at Strathmore, invites you to participate in a new and exciting collaboration with VisArts, Montgomery County's premiere center for the visual arts at Rockville Town Square. The resulting " Gallery of the Seasons" will be on display at Strathmore Hall during the weekend of October 8 & 9.

Following the guidelines below, students are invited to create and submit artwork or write poems that are inspired by Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons -- the featured work on the National Philharmonic's concert October 8 & 9.

Music Inspires Art

Listen to The Four Seasons (suggested movements are listed below). Vivaldi used sounds in the music which help create picture's in the listener's mind. Draw a picture that shows the scene he is depicting in the music. You may choose one or more of the seasons.

Suggested movements to listen to:





Music and Poetry

The four concertos [ of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons] were written to go along with four sonnets. Though it is not known who wrote these sonnets, there is a theory that Vivaldi wrote them himself, given that each sonnet is broken down into three sections, neatly corresponding to a movement in the concerto. -- Excerpted from The Four Seasons (Vivaldi) on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The sonnets may be found HERE.

Read the sonnets that Vivaldi provided for The Four Seasons and listen to the corresponding music. Write your own sonnet or poem describing an element of one of the movements.

Submit Your Work

Students may submit art or poetry electronically HERE.

Enjoy Listening and Be Creative!!

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